At VIKTRE, we celebrate the life of the athlete – Professional, Olympic and National Team, current and former, from around the world.

VIKTRE.COM Our content publishing platform recognizes that athletes are among the most influential people in the world and our platform makes it easy for the athlete to build and promote their personal brand, create and share original content, and generate revenue.

ATHLETE SITE Our private athlete platform brings together the 3 million + current and former athletes to optimize business and social networking in a way that captures long-term value.

JOBS.VIKTRE.COM Our VIKTRE Career Network is the career development, career services and job board platform for our athlete community and for the fans that follow them.

Our Mission

VIKTRE’S mission is to activate purpose-driven athletes and unite them with values-aligned brands and fans to awaken the transformational power of community.

VIKTRE TOP 10 Sports Start up

VIKTRE has been recognized as 1 of 50 Global Sport Innovators for 2017.

TOP 10 Most Innovative 2017 Awarded by HYPE Foundation